Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Android powered mobile phones have revolutionized the world of applications created to cater to the different interests of a mobile user viz., gaming, social networking etc. Applications for photo editing are the most successful in revolutionizing the extent of things that is possible to do with androids! Today, the android applications market is flooded with various photo-editing apps. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best Photo Editing Apps for Android which would be a pocket guide for your mini super computer (Android Smart phones)!

Photo Editor

Photo editor is one of the best photo editing apps for Android mobile phones. It is a simple application, with very easy to use features for photo manipulations. The photo can be viewed with desired size and resolution after editing, thanks to the easy touch and pinch to zoom interface. The final image can be saved in any of the memory devices like Memory card, backup device etc and the same can be easily shared in the social networking sites like Picasa, facebook etc.,

The prominent and the best features are:

Color level adjustmentsColor skewing- to adjust the angle of the image.Drawing mode – to draw images on the phone.Curve interface – To fine tune the colors in the image.


Picsart is a free photo editing application with a pool of photo editing tools and features. It is one of the most widely used photo editing apps in the android market and also by social networking sites. It is also self-proclaimed as number one by android and is available free of cost.

The notable features of Picsart are:

Numerous unique filtersBest collage features which also include layering, similar to the features available in PS touch (a non-android app) and picshopMagic effects like stenciler, cartoonizer, sketcher, HDR, holgaart, contours, comics, pastel, face fix, color splash etc.,Drawing tools and effects – the user can draw an image using this app, even in his social networks with the use of tools like sticker mode, call outs, artistic brushes, text styles and draw

Pixlr express

Developed by Autodesk Inc., it is one of the newest and free photo editing apps, which has replaced its earlier version, Pixlr-o-matic. Pixlr express has similar features as of its earlier version like the different filters except for the opacity being varied for all of them. A few notable features are:

Denoise – This tool reduces the noise pixilationFree from advertisement(s)One or more category of layers can be added to the same imageExcellent tilt shift and blur tools (focal blur feature)The user can track his or her favorite effects using the favorite option


It is the best application for image gallery, picture browsing and sharing. Quickpic comes with a better built image viewer and ad – free. Here are some of the appealing features of Quickpic:

Optimized for High Definition tabletsCompatible in playing videos and GIF filesBetter quality when playing slideshows, compared to other photo editing applications

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New Options For Photo Printing Can Be Found Online

Photo printing online has an increasing number of clients because of its advanced services and unique print ideas. Online photo printing is not anymore restricted to your usual prints that you slip into albums.

With online printing, a new breed of photo products is born which paved the way for new ideas, making picture taking more exciting.

Photos done in the form of poster prints makes printing fun to do. Being able to enlarge your pictures in different forms through online printing provides new solutions for gifts and decorative suggestions.

1. Canvas prints: These new products can have your photos send off an oil painting feel to it. This printing option can provide solutions for interior decorating. Also, giving gifts to your friends in the form of canvas prints would be a nice gesture to build stronger connections with them.

2. Poster prints: This option also is good for decorative solutions. You can easily turn a dull room into something interesting because of the vibrant colors these poster prints emit. Family, vacation, or even baby pictures would look great on any wall in your home.

3. Vinyl banners: Pictures can now be clearly produced in the form of banners. Whether his would be for business purposes or for personal use, online photo printing of vinyl banners are versatile that it can be hung or stuck making it convenient for any type of use.

4. Wall Stickers: This new product on the market makes it more convenient for businesses to do better displays on promotions. Being able to display neatly onto windows and walls without any hassle makes it convenient for store owners.

Online Printing has provided a smarter solution for every person’s printing needs. With more products and options to choose from, customers can now think of more creative ways in promoting or printing photos that are very affordable as well.

The Advantages of Online Photo Printing

These days, there is no need for you to pop down to your local photo store to process and pick up your digital prints. With the influx of online digital photo printing companies vying for your business, the costs of printing your digital photos are cheaper than ever!

Whether you are still printing your digital prints at home, using your own printer, or going through the hassle of popping into your local shopping centre to drop in and pick up your digital prints, why not try out some of the online photo processing companies – you will amazed at the cost of online photo printing!

Online photo printing offers the consumer a range of advantages including cheap pricing, fast delivery and a range of extras including the facility to create online photo albums, upload unlimited digital photos and, in many cases, share them for free with friends and family.

Photo sharing, in particular, is extremely popular with consumers because it enables us to create an online photo album of a holiday or special occasion and then email our friends and family with a link to the album which means that everyone gets to enjoy your snaps!

In most instances, the procedure for uploading the images to your album is easy and intuitive. Simply connect your digital camera to your computer, download the images to a location on your computer and then upload them directly into your photo album from your the online photo printing provider.

The online photo printing sector is also extremely price driven and you can easily compare the prices from a range of companies. Generally, the online photo printing companies offer low prices; with some starting from as little as 1p per print. However, don’t be misled because this low price often relates to you having to purchase a large quantity of digital prints in order to qualify for this price.

One of the best, and most reliable, providers of online photo printing is Truprint who offer 40 free prints to new customers, fast delivery, unlimited storage and the facility to share your pictures with friends and family.

Personalised photo gifts are also offered by many of these companies and these can provide the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The range of photo gifts tends to differ between companies but typically includes photo cards, t-shirts, teddy bears, posters, puzzles, memory books, mugs and calendars.

With so many options available for us to try out and clear savings, why not try online photo printing today!